Dennis Brown on LinkedIn Engagement and Contact Marketing

LinkedIn is becoming the go-to, central platform for making critical connections. With a half a billion people on board, it’s hard to stand out, but Dennis Brown has the secret formula for huge levels of engagement. His posts regularly generate up to a million views a week, and he’s here to reveal his secrets.

James Carbary on B2B Growth & LinkedIn hacks and Contact Marketing

As host of the enormously popular B2BGrowth podcast, James Carbary is in a unique position. He’s heard from nearly every expert out there on the subject of rapid growth, but he is also a pioneer of some pretty amazing LinkedIn hacks that are sure to help you get noticed, get connected and get through to your top prospects.

Hilmon Sorey on The Sales Enablement Playbook and Contact Marketing, with special guest Cory Bay

Creating a thriving sales enablement culture in any company is critical to its success these days. Hilmon Sorey and Cory Bray have written a book about it and they join Stu for a lively discussion of how sales enablement ties together with Contact Marketing to produce a healthy, predictable and expanding stream of revenue.

Sangram Vajre on Account Based Marketing and Contact Marketing

Everybody’s suddenly using Account Based Marketing to take charge of their sales efforts, and to focus those efforts on the companies that can make the biggest difference to their success. And Contact Marketing helps them actually break through to those accounts. Listen as the originators of ABM and Contact Marketing discuss how the two forms of marketing work together to create huge leaps in scale.

Curt Cuscino on Millennials and Contact Marketing

As Millennials find their way into more and more pivotal positions, the rules of contact change. Millennial engagement expert Curt Cuscino joins us for a run-down of what it takes to make real connections with Millennials.

Ahmad Manuwar on Content Marketing and Contact Marketing

It’s easy to confuse Contact Marketing with Content Marketing, but our guest says there’s actually a lot of overlap. How do you use Content Marketing to connect with specific, VIP contacts? Listen in and find out.

Andrew Breen on Domain Names and Contact Marketing

Andrew Breen knows a thing or two about the value of marquee domain names and the value that brings to any enterprise. The stronger the domain, the more value and credibility people see in you, your company and what you have to offer. Andrew’s story of how he landed successively better domains is a lesson to all of us who want to break through to our top accounts and prospects. Without the right domain, you may not break through. Here’s how to get yours.

Dan Wardle on Vidyard and Contact Marketing

One of the most popular methods for making critical connections is to reach out via email. But have you noticed it’s not very effective? It’s not. But with Vidyard’s email platform, the odds of making those connections happen goes way, way up. Vidyard’s Director of Business Development, Dan Wardle, is here to explain.

Mareo McCracken, Chief Revenue Officer, on Contact Marketing

Chief Revenue Officer for MoveMedical talks customer success, sales, marketing—and
Contact Marketing—and the critical need to connect with key accounts and prospects.

Jonathan Schober on Career Coaching and Contact Marketing

Jonathan Schober is a career accelerator, helping mid to senior-level professionals to accelerate their career growth quickly. Rapid growth is always a function of networking, of being able to connect with critical contacts who can change your scale overnight. Here, we examine the role Contact Marketing can play in making it all happen.

David Dulany on Sales Development and Contact Marketing

The Sales Development Podcast (the #1 sales development podcast on iTunes) host David Dulany joins Stu for a discussion of the state of the sales development profession and how Contact Marketing—and the ability to connect with virtually any key account—is changing the landscape.

Maxwell Bogner on Millennials, Sales and Contact Marketing

Maxwell Bogner runs the wildly popular blog,, which is dedicated to helping millennials navigate the world of B2B sales. What millennials want to know about sales is how to do it better while leveraging their knowledge of technology. What the rest of the sales world want to know is how to work with them and help them become stellar sales pros. Maxwell has the answers.

Chris Ortolano on Sales Enablement and Contact Marketing

SalesStack co-founder and Portland, Oregon Sales Enablement Society president Chris Ortolano knows Sales Enablement better than just about anyone. In this episode, Chris and Stu explore the intersection of Sales Enablement and Contact Marketing—what they are, how they fit together and how one really can’t exist without the other.

Brynne Gordon Tillman on Social Selling and Contact Marketing

Brynne Gordon Tillman has long been know as an expert on social selling and the LinkedIn phenomenon, and that would have been plenty to explore during the show. But coming off the heels of the announcement of Vengreso, the merger of seven digital sales leaders. And it’s her birthday. What more could you pack into a 24-minute show?

Sean Sheppard on 10X Growth and Contact Marketing

Sean Sheppard knows what it means to grow at a 10X rate. He also knows how important it is, as a serial entrepreneur, the founder of a seed-stage venture capital fund and startup accelerator. In this episode, Sean talks about how to make that kind of growth happen routinely, and how Contact Marketing makes it possible.

Dale Zwizinski on Tech Sales and Contact Marketing

When you talk abut tech sales, Dale Zwizinski is one of the guys on the front line. And things are changing pretty fast. In this episode, Dale talks about what it takes to succeed in a market marked by lightning-fast changes and shifts in approaches and mentality. That and how to break through to top prospects and accounts in the tech sector.

Megan Cummins on Shark Tank Connections and Contact Marketing

Guest Megan Cummins is one of the better-known contestants on Shark Tank—she even got a deal with Robert Herjavik. But what happened next, and how she broke through to the show is shocking. Join us for a behind-the-scenes look at the show and what it takes to connect.

Jeff Shore on Winning Sales Strategies and Contact Marketing

Closing 2.0 author Jeff Shore explores the nexus of winning sales strategies and Contact Marketing—on how being able to make virtually any connection bolsters all other strategies applied to making human-to-human connections, selling and winning.

Caleb Musser on Professional Sports and Contact Marketing

Want to reach someone in professional sports? Ask Caleb Musser. Want to promote a pro sports team? Again, ask Caleb Musser. In this interview, he talks about the value of personalization in Contact Marketing, especially as it applies in the sports world.

Rob Gregg on the Power of Disruption and Contact Marketing –>

Rob Gregg knows the power and value of creative disruption. His ability to find holes in industries and develop and implement strategies to expand market penetration is legendary. In this session, he talks about the value of disruption in making critical connections, to increase the efficiencies and scale of new revenue streams.