Richard Kylberg on the need for original thinking in Contact Marketing


If anyone is qualified to comment on the need for original creative thinking in Contact Marketing, it is our guest for this episode of Contact Marketing Radio. As Vice President, Global Marketing and Communications for Arrow Electronics (Fortune 138, NYSE: ARW), Richard Kylberg oversees all marketing and sales activities for a company that employs 17,000 people worldwide and counts among its customers the world’s top companies in telecommunications, information systems, transportation, medical, industrial and consumer electronics.

Russ Klein on Contact Marketing and the future of marketing and selling


American Marketing Association CEO Russ Klein joins us to talk about Contact Marketing and how it fits into the best and next practices of marketing and selling, and how it all fits into the current AMA mission.

Dennis Mortensen on Contact Marketing and Artificial Intelligence


Imagine a future when you can call upon your A. I. assistant to have “her” arrange meetings, manage your schedule, send out confirmations and deal with schedule shifts, all automatically, with no input from you other than a quick email to explain what you want done. That future is here now and it costs nothing, all thanks to XdotAI and its founder, Dennis Mortensen.

Mark SA Smith on Contact Marketing and disruptive value propositions


Guerrilla Marketing and famed sales trainer Mark S A Smith knows something about connecting with top executives, but he says the real key is to show up with a disruptive value proposition. Hear what he has to say in this revealing interview.

Matt Heinz on Contact Marketing and rapid B2B growth


Nationally recognized blogger, marketer and prolific author Matt Heinz knows what it takes to get businesses on the path to rapid, sustainable growth. In this session, he shares his secrets and talks Contact Marketing with How to Get a Meeting author and host Stu Heinecke.

Leanne Hoagland-Smith on Contact Marketing’s place in the SMB market


Premier sales trainer, corporate coach and author of Be the Red Jacket in a Sea of Gray Suits talks about how her focus on people and process combines with Contact Marketing to produce explosive growth for small and medium sized businesses.

Dr. Terry Loe on Contact Marketing’s role in selling and academia


As founder and director of Kennesaw State University’s Center for Professional Selling, Dr. Terry Loe brings a unique perspective to the practice of Contact Marketing as it relates to the selling profession, and to the critical connection between marketing and selling.

Phil Edwards on Digital Short-Run Production in Contact Marketing


Digital short-run production of packaging, including corrugated cartons for “jewel-boxing” and rapid product packaging prototypes can form the basis of highly effective Contact Campaign strategies. As President of Print Sure, a short-run production facility that specializes in rapid prototype product for major brands and start-ups, Phil Edwards shares advice and stories about how this important technology can help marketers break through to their top VIP prospects.

Tibor Shanto on Trigger Events and Contact Marketing Strategies


Contact Marketing relies a lot on clever uses of existing objects and technologies. Trigger events allow perhaps the greatest use of Contact Marketing tactics, because they make each outreach utterly relevant to what’s happening right now in the target contact’s life. Famed sales trainer, best-selling author and top sales thought leader Tibor Shanto reveals how these events can easily trigger greatly-increased success in your career or business.

Lori Richardson on “Social Surround” Contact Marketing Strategies


In an earlier segment, Rick Bennett taught us about spending as much as $10,000 per contact. In this segment, famed sales trainer and Score More Sales blog author Lori Richardson tells how to use what she calls a “Social Surround” strategy to take that cost-per-contact figure down to $0. Warning: dividing by zero to calculate ROI may cause computer meltdowns, black holes and momentary inversions of reality.

Diane Domeyer on Contact Marketing Methods for Job Search


Contact Marketing has many uses, but who would’ve guessed it can be used so effectively in job searches and recruiting top talent? Join host Stu Heinecke and Diane Domeyer, Executive Director of The Creative Group, a division of staffing giant Robert Half, as they take a fascinating look at how Contact Marketing can be used to enhance your chances of landing the perfect job, or draft the perfect candidate for a winning team.

Leslie Boyd-Bradley on the Importance of Contact Marketing in Direct Selling (MLM)


As VP of Distributor Development & Sales for SeneGence International, Leslie Boyd-Bradley has a huge responsibility. She has to support more than 10,000 business owners to succeed. And part of that mission is to help them connect with the people most important to furthering their success. It turns out, Contact Marketing has a big role to play in that mission.

Rick Bennett on the $10,000 Campaign to Reach One Critical Client


Who would produce a contact letter to reach a single person, then spend $10,000 to run it as an ad in The Wall Street Journal? Rick Bennett, that’s who. In this episode of Contact Marketing Radio, Rick talks about his clever uses of conventional print and billboard advertising as Contact Campaigns, that have broken through to some of the most difficult-to-reach people in the world.

John Coe on the Ins and Outs of B2B Selling and Contact Marketing


If you want to break through to C-level prospects in the technology world, John Coe can tell you how. In this interview, the author of The Fundamentals of Business-to-Business Sales and Marketing shares some of his most successful Contact Campaign secrets — and valuable insights from his days of running all business to business marketing for IBM and other clients.

Jake Dunlap on Fast Growth Strategies for Start-ups


If anyone needs to connect with the right contacts in a hurry, it’s the entrepreneurs behind start-up companies. They need capital, so they must connect with investors ASAP. And they need to escape the bounds of burn-rate, so they must connect with VIP prospects in a hurry, too. Skaled Founder and CEO Jake Dunlap discusses various fast-growth strategies using Contact Marketing to make those all-important connections happen in a flash.

Sid Kumar on Social Selling in the Technology


It takes a lot to break through to the top officers in the technology market, but if anyone would know how to open those doors, it’s Sid Kumar, VP of Inside Sales for CA Technologies. CA helps companies take up position in what Kumar describes as the “app economy,” allowing them to access to the growing mobile-based marketplace. In this interview, he explains how social media plays a key role in establishing those critical connections

Art Sobczak on Contact Marketing bloopers and can’t miss tactics


When you ask famed sales trainer, thought leader and author of Smart Calling Art Sobczak how to break through to VIP prospects, you’re about to hear a lot of brilliant ideas. Everything from solid, basic uses of social media to over-the-top Contact Campaigns involving disposable phones, car parts and more. In this episode, he tells the story of how CNBC host and legendary ad man Donny Deutch once sent a succession of car parts, every half hour, to the president of the Tri-State Pontiac Dealers Associaton, until the fellow relented and awarded him the account. It doubled the size of Deutch’s agency overnight. But as Art reminds us, you can’t base a career on sales tricks. He says you’ve got to have the fundamentals down cold and when you do, Contact Marketing will help you change the scale of your career or enterprise rapidly as well.

Damon Waldron on How To Find Your VIP Prospects


If anyone knows how to find and target your best, most productive VIP prospects, it’s Damon Waldron, Director of Demand Generation for Leadspace. What Leadspace does is ingenious — it clones your client base and very best prospects. What Damon does is equally ingenious. He sells the Leadspace service, using a variety of clever Contact Marketing methods, including one campaign using Tiles (the GPS locating kind) you’ve just got to hear. Along the way, he shares with us some secrets about how we, too, can clone our most valuable prospects and clients in order to grow our businesses.

Ron Cates on Using e-Mail to Reach VIPs


When it comes to making sure your e-mails get opened and read, Ron Cates is someone you should listen to. As Director of Digital Education for Constant Contact, he is responsible for coaching more than 700,000 members on how to be better e-mail marketers. He knows his stuff. And in this episode, he shares his knowledge and tells us what we need to know to be more effective Contact Marketers — and how to reach VIPs without fail — using e-mail.

Bridget Gleason on Creating Critical Connections


In this episode, Yesware VP of Sales Bridget Gleason talks about the importance of creating critical connections in business and certainly in sales. She sees two obvious pathways to creating those connections; through personal connections you or your staff may have, and through Contact Marketing campaigns. She shares an ingenious re-gift strategy and explains how Yesware can give an unfair advantage contact marketers by adding amazing new functionality to simple e-mail.