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Brynne Gordon Tillman has long been know as an expert on social selling and the LinkedIn phenomenon, and that would have been plenty to explore during the show. But coming off the heels of the announcement of Vengreso, the merger of seven digital sales leaders. And it’s her birthday. What more could you pack into a 24-minute show?

Sean Sheppard on 10X Growth and Contact Marketing

Sean Sheppard knows what it means to grow at a 10X rate. He also knows how important it is, as a serial entrepreneur, the founder of a seed-stage venture capital fund and startup accelerator. In this episode, Sean talks about how to make that kind of growth happen routinely, and how Contact Marketing makes it possible.

Dale Zwizinski on Tech Sales and Contact Marketing

When you talk abut tech sales, Dale Zwizinski is one of the guys on the front line. And things are changing pretty fast. In this episode, Dale talks about what it takes to succeed in a market marked by lightning-fast changes and shifts in approaches and mentality. That and how to break through to top prospects and accounts in the tech sector.

Megan Cummins on Shark Tank Connections and Contact Marketing

Guest Megan Cummins is one of the better-known contestants on Shark Tank—she even got a deal with Robert Herjavik. But what happened next, and how she broke through to the show is shocking. Join us for a behind-the-scenes look at the show and what it takes to connect.

Jeff Shore on Winning Sales Strategies and Contact Marketing

Closing 2.0 author Jeff Shore explores the nexus of winning sales strategies and Contact Marketing—on how being able to make virtually any connection bolsters all other strategies applied to making human-to-human connections, selling and winning.

Caleb Musser on Professional Sports and Contact Marketing

Want to reach someone in professional sports? Ask Caleb Musser. Want to promote a pro sports team? Again, ask Caleb Musser. In this interview, he talks about the value of personalization in Contact Marketing, especially as it applies in the sports world.

Rob Gregg on the Power of Disruption and Contact Marketing –>

Rob Gregg knows the power and value of creative disruption. His ability to find holes in industries and develop and implement strategies to expand market penetration is legendary. In this session, he talks about the value of disruption in making critical connections, to increase the efficiencies and scale of new revenue streams.

Noah Goldman on Exponential Growth and Contact Marketing

Noah Goldman helps SaaS companies with sales process, lead generation and team formation. In this episode, he maps out ways we can use Contact Marketing to achieve 10X growth or more in our careers and lives.

Kraig Kleeman, “World’s Best Cold-Caller,” on the role of Contact Marketing in sales

Kraig Kleeman, the “World’s Best Cold-Caller,” explains the value of personal branding in the Digital Age, and what it takes to break through to prospects, accounts and contacts at the highest level. Hint: the two are directly related.

Daniel West on Sales Enablement & Contact Marketing

Join Stu as he explores the fit between Sales Enablement and Contact Marketing with’s VP of Cloud GTM Strategy and Operations, and Sales Enablement Society charter member, Daniel West.