Contact Marketing Radio

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Are you satisfied with your sales prospecting results? If you’ve answered, “No,” you’re not alone. Join Stu as he talks with top sales trainer, thought leader, keynote speaker and best-selling author, Mark Hunter, as explains what’s wrong with your prospecting process, how you can fix it, and how you can start filling your pipeline today with more business and profit.

Trish Bertuzzi on B2B, Inside Sales and Contact Marketing

Top sales blogger, thought leader, keynote speaker and author of the best-selling new book, Sales Development Playbook: Build Repeatable Pipeline and Accelerate Growth with Inside Sales, joins Stu for a discussion of the new rules of B2B sales and what it takes to build a repeatable, winning process.

Sandra Usleman on Sales Process and Contact Marketing

In sales, defining the process is a critical step toward producing reliable revenue streams for the enterprise. And—no surprise here—establishing a unified process is also a critical step toward ensuring any Contact Marketing campaign’s success across the entire sales team. As SVP Chief Sales Officer for a major insurance brokerage, Sandra brings deep insights into what’s required and how to make it all work.

How Contact Marketing helped me win a bet with my CEO


Lee Hancock read Stu’s book, How to Get a Meeting with Anyone and decided to use the Contact Marketing concepts within to penetrate some of his most important accounts. Along the way, his CEO saw what he was doing and made a bet that it would never work. It did, and Lee and his CEO are here to tell the tale.

Dan Seidman on Sales Bloopers and Contact Marketing


Who doesn’t love a good blooper story? Everybody loves them, and our guest Dan Seidman is the world’s foremost expert on sales bloopers. The funny thing is, bloopers are always instructional. There are always valuable lessons to be learned from someone else’s embarrassing mistakes, and in this session, Dan shares stories from the field that help us all break through to our most important prospects far more effectively.

Chris Salem on Entrepreneurs and Contact Marketing


Everybody has emotional blocks that can prevent their success from materializing—even, or especially, entrepreneurs. And that extends to making critical connections with the people who can ensure their success, including dream clients, investors, mentors and more. And that’s what our guest, Chris Salem, helps entrepreneurs overcome. In this episode, we’ll talk about overcoming those emotional barriers to make the connections we all need to succeed, in business and in life.

Mark Babbitt on the Social Age and Contact Marketing


Mark Babbitt co-authored one of the definitive, best-selling books on social media and what it means for the world of business. On this session, Mark talks about how social media impacts the Contact Marketing mission, of connecting with the people who can most help us change the scale of our careers and businesses.

Miles Austin on Filling the Funnel and Contact Marketing


Known throughout the world as “The Web Tools Guy” and author of the top-ranked “Fill the Funnel” blog, Miles Austin joins us to talk about putting social media and various Web tools to use to connect with your most important contacts.

Richard McLemore on Special-Ops Strategies and Contact Marketing


Richard McLemore is a special-ops guy in more ways than one. A former U.S Army Green Beret, he applied his specialized training to his sales career, eventually rising to the top ranks of sales management within Oracle. In this interview, he shares war stories of how he and his team infiltrated their toughest and most important prospects.

Austin Craig on Facebook Strategies for Contact Marketing


Austin Craig and Jeff Harmon are videographers and marketers who’ve stretched the bounds of Contact Marketing—on Facebook. In this interview, we’ll explore their story of how they used video and precise geo-targeting to reach senior buyers at Walmart headquarters to transform their company into a giant in the dental care industry