Contact Marketing Radio

Steven A. Rosen on Sales Management and Contact Marketing


Steven A. Rosen coaches top sales executives and managers to help them grow their businesses to new heights. Hear what he has to say about the critical role Contact Marketing can play in Account Based Selling—and empowering your sales team to explode the scale of your business.

Bob Perkins on Sales Trends & Strategies and Contact Marketing


Join Stu and AA-ASP Founder and CEO Bob Perkins for a lively discussion of current trends and strategies in sales and how those relate to the Contact Marketing of opening doors to impossible to reach, VIP contacts.

Kraig Kleeman, “World’s Best Closer,” on the role of Contact Marketing in sales


Join host Stu Heinecke and his guest, Kraig Kleeman as they discuss closing deals, using Contact Marketing to break through to C-level prospects, U2’s Bono and more…

Lindsey Boggs on LinkedIn strategies in Contact Marketing


Lindsey Boggs is among the most prolific social sellers today, having received LinkedIn’s highest Social Selling Index score two years running at the LinkedIn Sales Connect Conference. In this episode, she shares her secrets for creative prospecting and power usage of the LinkedIn platform and tools.

Eric Quanstrom Gives a C-Suite Exec’s Perspective for Contact Marketers


Reaching C-Suite executives is the gold standard in selling, but sales professionals often find that daunting and difficult. That’s the purpose of Contact Marketing, after all, to open doors to our most important prospects. Eric Quanstrom is familiar with the problem from the other side, as CMO for KiteDesk. His in-box and voice mail are constantly filled with hundreds of hopeful pitches every day, and most are deleted and ignored. In this session, Eric shares with us what it takes to successfully break through to the C-Suite.

Don Novello on the Value of Mischief in Contact Marketing


Don Novello is a man of many characters. Perhaps best known as SNL’s Father Guido Sarducci, he is also the author of the wildly popular Lazlo Letters book series. In the books, Novello is known as Lazlo Toth, the prolific writer of letters that are pure nonsense, yet pure genius. He joins us to talk about the value of mischief, but also the power of the written letter to connect with people who are impossible to reach.

Ken Thoreson on Breakthrough Selling and Contact Marketing


2015 Top 50 Sales and Marketing influencer, keynote speaker and Sales Management Guru Series author Ken Thoreson joins host Stu Heinecke to examine the critical need to be able to break through to top prospects and named accounts.

Luke Panza on Audacious Thinking in Contact Marketing


As a member of the start-up team for NoWait App, Luke Panza directed one of the most audacious and successful examples of Contact Marketing imaginable. A product launch that went to just thirty people and resulted in the product being used in 20 of the top thirty restaurant chains in America.

Dave Brock on Sales Managers and Contact Marketing


Dave Brock is one of the world’s top sales thought leaders and he is also the author of a new book, The Sales Manager’s Survival Guide. In this episode, Brock reveals essential tools every sales manager must have to succeed, including Contact Marketing.

Timothy Hughes on Social Selling and Contact Marketing


Timothy Hughes is a social selling pioneer—Forbes named him one of the ‘Top 100 Social Sellers” globally—and the author of the new book, Social Selling. In this episode of Contact Marketing Radio, he explores the overlaps and synergies of the Social Selling and Contact Marketing disciplines.